Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage

How to Save Your Marriage in as Little as
One Hour a Week — Even if Your Husband
Won’t Talk to You, You Fight When You Do Talk,
And Your Sex Life needs Life Support!


Yes I’m ready to save my marriage NOW!

I understand that when I act now I will get instant access to the entire Being Happy Program which includes 125 different tips and 125 activities to implement those tips in my relationship.


Yes I’m ready to invest as little as an hour a week in order to:

  • · End the repetitive fights
  • · Transform the fights into deep loving conversations
  • · Start noticing what is right and building on it
  • · Actually focus on solutions to our problems
  • · Talk so my husband will hear me
  • · Remove the resentments that are messing up our sex life
  • · Listen so he will feel heard and understood
  • · Feel loved and respected by my husband again
  • · Be delighted to spend time together
  • · Be happy together

I am ready to use the secrets professional counselors use to find the closeness and happiness I long for.

Also, When I Act Now
I Will Get These Valuable Extras


  • Bonus #1 - 124 Tips for Having a Great Relationship
    Instantly downloadable ebook version of the core of the Being Happy Program, used by more than 1000 people…
  • Bonus #2 -The Daughter-In-Law Rules
    E-Book by Sally Shields:a revolutionary set of strategies for making comfortable coexistence with your mother-in-law possible at last;..
  • Bonus #3 - Growing a Loving Relationship
    (MP3 recording) Information-packed interview revealing the secrets of what has made our relationship last for over 50 years…
  • Bonus #4 – 12 Proven Secrets
    An MP3 Teleseminar with Susie & Otto Collins, describing The 12 most pressing questions couples are dealing with today…
  • Bonus #5 - The Conscious Relationship
    Teleseminar series subscription; thought-provoking conversations with relationship expert David Steele…

 I also understand I have 60 Days
To Put “The Being Happy Program”
to The Test

 If The Being Happy Program doesn’t show me how to talk to my husband… if it doesn’t give me a practical list of action steps to take… or if it fails to help me really understand how my relationship can be what I’ve always wanted, then I understand that I will receive a full refund, No Questions Asked!


Value: — Just one counseling session with me costs $265. Just 3
months of weekly sessions would cost over $3000. And the Being Happy Program has enough material to last you 2 years and 5 months — a full 125 weeks! (The average cost of a divorce is $15,000 to $20,000 and could be much more.)

Choose the option that’s right for you:

The Gold Program


The basic Being Happy Program:
ALL 125 Tips and 125 Activities — delivered instantly;


  • 124 Tips E-Book
  • The Daughter-In-Law Rules E-Book
  • Growing a Loving Relationship MP3
  • 12 Proven Secrets Teleseminar
  • The Conscious Relationship Teleseminar


“Reclaiming Yourself”

A 1-hour MP3 program that will help if you are still recovering from losses in the past that may be interfering with your current relationship; secrets to moving into and past your grief, dealing with anger, codependent relationships, clearing blocks and much more.


A video of Laurie & Jonathan presenting about Relationship Coaching to the International Coach Federation.

Your Price: Only $77.00
You Save: $2423 (+ incalculable pain and suffering)


The Silver Program




The basic Being Happy Program:
ALL 125 Tips and 125 Activities — delivered instantly;


  • 124 Tips E-Book
  • The Daughter-In-Law Rules E-Book
  • Growing a Loving Relationship MP3
  • 12 Proven Secrets Teleseminar
  • The Conscious Relationship Teleseminar

Your price: Only $57
Save: $2443 (+ incalculable pain and suffering)

Get started right away. Just click on your choice of GOLD or SILVER and you can start saving your marriage in the next 10 minutes.

 But don’t just take my word for it:

- Judah Freed, author of Global Sense: Awakening Your Personal Power for Democracy and World Peace (an update of Common Sense) says:

The clear and concise writing makes these powerful ideas easy to grasp and apply in daily life. Effective communication is the key to a healthy relationship; Being Happy Together is an essential aid to establishing and sustaining that effective communication.

- Laurie Cameron, Master Certified Relationship Coach, author of The Journey from Fear to Love says:

Laurie’s come up with a simple "baby step" approach to co-creating a powerful, vibrant life partnership that will grow healthier each week.” I’m recommending it to every couple I know.

I’m ready to order now

- Bethene Le Mahieu, Ed.D., Master Certified Coach, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction for the Summit, New Jersey, school system

Calling relationships "works in progress" conveys the necessity of ongoing information, attention, time and commitment. I went into the program with some questions, even doubt, about the feasibility of accomplishing your claim in an hour a week, let alone less than an hour a week.

Now, I see the process, including the hours, as cumulative. To devote an hour a week to creating a fabulous relationship means you intend to do so, and that makes all the difference.

- Bev Toelle

I’ve been reading The Being Happy Program.  It’s great. It’s more than great. It’s powerful!  I say this because I’m in the midst of an ugly and painful divorce.  As you know, half of all marriages end.  This concise, to-the-point, program would be invaluable to struggling couples.

I’m ready to order now


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