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Broken Promises: A Five-Step Plan to Get Your Husband to Keep his Agreements (Or How to Get Your Honey-Do List Done)

Are you a woman who has moments when you sometimes want to murder your loving husband because he agrees to do everything you ask him to do and then somehow never seems to get it done? It’s even more frustrating when you gather your courage to talk to him once more, and he promises he’ll …

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Is He Trying To Control You?

"My husband is always telling me what to do. How can I keep living with a person who tries to control everyone?"  Gail was so frustrated she was almost in tears. How often do you fume about someone’s attempts to control you?  In some relationships it happens way too often for comfort—especially in “co-dependent relationships” …

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One small decision led to all this?

Until I wrote the last post I didn’t realize that my decision to learn everything I could about Transactional Analysis (TA) happened 42 years ago. I attended the conference as a “wife” — someone who defines herself by her husband’s needs and wants. A series of events at the conference* left me with the beginning …

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