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We nearly derailed ourselves

What happened next is one example of the law of unintended consequences. We kept being asked to teach what we were learning and we might have continued to have quiet psychotherapy and training business, but it would’ve stopped there: — if it had not been for accidentally getting entangled in a process where we both …

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Lessons Learned

By 1976, after a painful and nasty organization breakdown, just the two of us were in practice together. Desperate to understand what had gone wrong, I started studying organizational relationships as well as individual ones. In retrospect, we made every mistake in the book. Nevertheless those studies led to a new proficiency — using TA …

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We almost split up…

As I said in my last post our lives didn’t work out quite as we expected. I started out very much like most of the women I’ve worked with over the years —  possibly a lot like you did. I tried very hard to be a good wife and put aside everything about me that …

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